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How to Purchase

a. Purchase Pleasure or Rental Investment?

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Two logics operate in Portugal: Will I live in Portugal now or for my retirement? Or am I rather in the perspective of making a gain in the medium term on a real estate investment in a quality market that offers attractive prices? In the first case, the buying process is very different and requires a real knowledge of what you are looking for and what is offered on the Portuguese market. Often the solution is to come on vacation to spend time visiting properties to get an idea and make a decision.

In the second case, the purchase is less emotional and we will say that it is more Cartesian: a good analysis of the prices is essential to preselect the properties to visit. The visit must always be part of the process and you will have to validate the quality of the properties you are going to buy.

We will be at your side to advise you and accompany you in your choices.

b. Old stones, modern, city center apartment, countryside?

Each one has its own style and his tastes. The great advantage of Portugal is, despite its small size, the diversity of landscapes and architectural styles.

You can love the old and find different types of architecture:

- In the North you will find granite houses gray blue, ocher or yellow, for the lovers of the stone it is undoubtedly one of the best regions.


- The center in the mountains, you will find a slate stone of small sizes stacked on top of each other giving a perfect and harmonious aspect.

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- In Alentejo, Portuguese Tuscany! You will find full-length white lime houses with blue or yellow window borders depending on the villages.

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- To the south, you will feel more the Arab influences with a white lime style and chimneys reminding you of Morocco!

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For lovers of the modern, the cubic style is the Portuguese trademark and many Portuguese architects have had tremendous success internationally before obtaining recognition and national success. The result is often beautiful - the style reminiscent of California ... The choice of cubic style villas is very wide.

Finally, for city-dwellers, the city center is undoubtedly an excellent idea. Porto or Lisbon have been waking up for 3 years with an active urban renovation of buildings in the city center. It should be known that the Portuguese have deserted for years the city centers for new constructions in the periphery offering the advantage of the new but the inconvenience of transport and the loss of authenticity. The trend seems to be reversed and the Portuguese return to the centers thus saving the transport costs and the time traveled.

c. Buy new, used or with work?

The choice becomes not only a question of taste but also of time and money.

If you want to build the house of your dreams at competitive prices, it's quite possible just to have the time to wait and follow the construction .

Renovating an old stone building is also possible, the purchase of the old remains very attractive, and the cost of the work will depend on your requirements.

Finally, there is already a large offer of new or recent properties from 5 to 10 years.

d. Choose your region: a true diversity


North: Brittany of Portugal

It rains in winter and autumn in the north of the country: it's a fact but it does not rain all the time! In the summer, we would like to swim in the sea but we will have to withstand the difference in temperature between 35 ° C of ambient temperature and 18 or 20 ° C of the sea ... That's why there are many swimming pools in the north of the country.

For some the landscape will remind Brittany, with granite rocks and refined vegetation throughout the coast.

The inland in the north is totally different from Brittany, the landscape is mountainous and very hilly with several lakes - hydro dams in their flank. Undoubtedly, the most emblematic landscape is the Douro region, where port wine is produced, and vineyards run along the Douro on the hillsides.

The North remains the historical cradle of Portugal, you will find a lot of cities with a very beautiful city center: Ponte de Lima, Guimarães, Viana de Castelo, Barcelos ... and of course Porto!

The north remains the most typical and least expensive region of Portugal in terms of both the purchase of properties and the cost of daily living.

Between Porto and Lisbon you will find beautiful seaside resorts at attractive prices compared to the South. Aveiro, Figueira da Foz, Leiria hare very interesting areas for those looking for new real estate programs by the sea.

Lisbon: San Francisco from Europe

Lisbon will not leave you indifferent. It is hard to resist the charm of the city: its seven hills, the river and the sea, the small streets, the tram …

Lisbon remains a European capital and is great for those who want to keep city.

The cities around Lisbon are very popular: Cascais, Sintra, Ericeira, Mafra, Palmela.

Algarve: South of France in less expensive

The Algarve has become very affordable. At the peak of the market, the English, Dutch and Nordic had made this region their point of fall after Spain. Coming there to find more authenticity and less cement than in Spain.

The Algarve remains the destination of choice for golfers worldwide ... with 35 golf courses of internationally recognized quality.